Final Stakeholder Workshop, Suffolk

On the 19th May 2016, the final Suffolk Stakeholder Workshop took place in Ipswich, Suffolk. From iCOASST, Jon French (UCL), Mike Walkden (WSP), Jonathan Simm (HRW), Belen Lopez de San Roman Blanco (HRW) and Robert Nicholls (Soton) attended. There were 10 stakeholders, including many who had attended earlier iCOASST events.

The main focus was on the results produced for southern Suffolk using SCAPE+, MESO_i, and ESTEEM in a coupled model composition. A variety of scenarios were analysed in terms of: sea level rise; changing wave climate (both in the southern North Sea and within the estuary); as well as different management options for the future. It was apparent that in many ways, this is a difficult piece of coast to model, because on the open coast, the rates of littoral drift are quite low and variable and the inlet dynamics at the Deben are complex. Nonetheless, some important results emerged, including the high sensitivity of the results to changing wave climate on the open coast and in the estuary, which requires further research.

Publications on the Suffolk analysis are in progress.

Posted 25/05/2016 16:37 by Robert Nicholls (Southampton)

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