Geomorphology Special Issue: Published

The Geomorphology issue that emerged from our International Workshop in 2013 was published in March 2016.
It is entitled 'Simulating Decadal Coastal Morphodynamics' Edited by Robert J. Nicholls, Jon R. French and Barend van Maanen,
Geomorphology, Volume 256, Pages 1-90 (1 March 2016). It comprises six papers as follows:

Simulating decadal coastal morphodynamics

Appropriate complexity for the prediction of coastal and estuarine geomorphic behaviour at decadal to centennial scales

Conceptualising and mapping coupled estuary, coast and inner shelf sediment systems

Causal Loop Analysis of coastal geomorphological systems

Data-driven and hybrid coastal morphological prediction methods for mesoscale forecasting

Simulating mesoscale coastal evolution for decadal coastal management: A new framework integrating multiple, complementary modelling approaches

An evolving research agenda for human–coastal systems

Posted 06/04/2016 13:33 by Claire Burke

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